Eclipspedition 2017

The Nemec family undertakes an expedition to view the Great American Eclipse in August 2017. Black Butte is the plan of record.

This text file is still the definitive source for details.

This interactive map provides an excellent overview of National Forest viewing areas.

Reference material about the eclipse

Activities before the eclipse will likely include exploration of potential camping and viewing areas. John Day Fossil Beds is a likely candidate.

Base camp is at the Bend-Sunriver Thousand Trails resort.


Viewing was to be at Dixie Lookout in the Malheur National Forest, 3.7 hours from TT, but Philip says that's too far away.

Here's a Black Butte topo map, 1.25 hours from TT. 2-mile trail from the trailhead gaining 1500' elevation. Trailhead parking will fill.

Somewhat beyond that (2.5 hours from TT) is Gold Butte Lookout. This is my second best choice.

Well, the Forest Service closed Black Butte because a crowd of cars on the long narrow road would create an unsafe condition. So we went beyong Black Butte to a great site atop a ridge overlooking a valley. Above is a panorama of the site.